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FAA Senior / Master Rigger Course


Senior Rigger Course takes Seven-Days to prepare you for the Senior Rigger  Oral and Practical tests for the Back-type certification. Additional ratings for Seat & Chest type are available but will require extra preparation or time and additional training/testing costs. 

The full course and testing time is over 11 days, but that includes a weekend and testing days. So the general schedule is:

  • The first Tuesday-Friday is Rigger Training, Packing & Repair work
  • Saturday/Sunday is off unless you're behind in your pack jobs or repair skills
  • Monday/Wednesday is more Rigger Training, Packing & Repair work

Topics covered in the school include:

  • Square Reserve Assembly, Inspection and Packing: Container/parachute/AAD inspections, compatibility, assembly procedures, line trim, flaking, packing, closing techniques and paperwork. A variety of rigs and parachutes will be available.
  • Round Emergency Parachute Inspection and Packing: Round canopy assembly, inspections, compatibility, TS 108 testing, closing loop manufacturing, owner’s manual overview, flaking, packing, closing techniques and paperwork.
  • Basic Sewing Machine Operation and Maintenance: Machine types, thread types, bobbin winding, threading, needles, tension, stitch locking, materials, feeding, jumpsuit repairs, small parts manufacturing and trouble-shooting.
  • Minor Parachute and Container Repairs and Maintenance: Topics include container washing, parachute cleaning, hand tacking, container repairs, grommet removal/setting, line replacements, canopy repairs and canopy patching.

The course is held in the Ground Rush Rigging Loft at 20701 Cereal St, Lake Elsinore CA 92530

Senior Rigger Course Costs

  • Course back $1900
  • Written test $165
  • Practical test $200
  • Master Rigger $3200

Important Links Below:

Parachute Riggers Hand Book

Dauntless Ground School App

Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank


  • Cost for the Senior Rigger course (Back)$1900
  • For Chest and Seat additional charges
  • FAA written test $165 
  • Practical test $200

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